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The European Institute of Environmental Cancer will have a form of centrally coordinated network that would facilitate integration of the Polish institutes, clinics and laboratories with a high degree of specialisation to perfect/ameliorate the integration of activities towards biomarker-based research on environment, food, genetics and cancer. Establishment of such national center will bring together fragmented Polish research teams in the very complex area, requiring high level of multidiscipline solutions. It will facilitate process of developing strategies for the combined use of the techniques, with the ultimate intention of making them available to wide research society, with the interdisciplinary training of new generation of scientists, spreading of research results to the Polish public, as well as to be capable to organize and conduct or become a partner in the large scale European multicentre and multinational molecular epidemiological cancer studies. It is expected to rapidly expand into close collaboration with European and non-European institutions including close cooperation with European Network of Excellence – ECNIS (Environmental Cancer Risk, Nutrition, and Individual Susceptibility).

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[ 2013-05-16 ] EIEC & ECNIS2 meeting

A joint meeting of EIEC and ECNIS2 Second General Assembly took place on the 6th and 7th of May in Borowiecki Hotel, Lodz, Poland.


[ 2013-01-21 ] EIEC founding meeting

A founding meeting of the European Institute of Environmental Cancer was held at the Nofer Institute of Occupational Medicine in Łódź on 28 Novembr 2012.